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State & Main Kitchen and Bar Opens at Chinook Centre

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Brookline recently supported long-time client Franworks with the Calgary launch of their newest brand, State & Main Kitchen and Bar at Chinook Centre. Since the conception of the popular brand, our team has supported with key message development, media relations and event management.

FranWorks is known for its popular brand, Original Joe’s Restaurant and Bar, currently with 59 locations throughout Western Canada. In 2012 they added Elephant & Castle to their portfolio, a well-known group of pubs with 17 locations across Canada and the U.S.

State & Main launched about a year ago starting in Lethbridge, followed by Red Deer, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Spruce Grove. They have now set their sights on Calgary and Edmonton, and have future plans to take the brand to Ontario and parts of the U.S.

The State & Main brand symbolizes the crossroads of the neighbourhood, the convergence of two streets, and the centre of town. It’s the neighbourhood gathering place, welcoming all who look for comfort food, great value, genuine service, and a bar to call their own.

The most notable feature in the newest location at Chinook Centre is the massive bar that is the center piece of the room. Upon entering the trendy, dimly lit space, you almost feel a throwback to the big bars of the past (can anyone say prohibition era?)

We like to think of it as a lively bar, which just happens to serve fantastic globally inspired comfort food (try the butter chicken poutine…seriously, it’s ridiculous).

So the next time you’re shopping-until-you-drop at Chinook or thinking of seeing a movie, consider penciling State & Main into your evening to try one of their delightfully inventive cocktails!

The hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Brunch is offered on weekends and statutory holidays between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

See you at the crossroads!

– Robyn brings experience and knowledge to the agency in the areas of media relations, event management, technical and creative writing and editing, corporate communications, government relations and social media.

1 Ford Explorer , 70 cups of Tim Horton’s coffee and 84 assorted doughnuts later…

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

For more than a year Brookline has proudly partnered with Ford of Canada to provide public relations services in the Southern Alberta region for the leading automotive brand.

At the end of July, my colleague Sophie and I hit the road to visit a handful of Southern Alberta dealerships to say hi, bring some good ol’ western hospitality and get a firsthand look at how Ford shapes life on the prairies.

Ford set us up for our trip with the 2013 Explorer Sport, complete with Ford’s 3.5-litre V-6 EcoBoost twin turbo engine and adaptive cruise control. For those of us who don’t speak car this means speed, power and the easiest highway driving two Brookliners could imagine.

70 cups of Tim Horton’s coffee and 84 assorted doughnuts later, we’re back and thrilled to have met some of the great people behind the Ford brand in Southern Alberta.

We’ve put together a few of the pictures from our trip for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!!

The captain’s chair of the 2013 Ford Explorer Spaceship Sport.

We’re partial to the Alberta open road – anywhere in the province you go!

Committed to the road trip experience, we excitedly photographed the local “wildlife”.

Lucky for us you can’t miss that big blue Ford sign!

Our consensus on the adaptive cruise control: Weee!

Who should we run into but our dear friend Paul Brandt! What are the odds?

Nothing like a take-ten box of Tim’s coffee and doughnuts to brighten a cloudy day!

Inspiration for the next BPR fun-day! Quick, how many Brookliners does it take to set-up a F-150 tent?

(Answer: Never mind, go-getter Alisha Samnani already has it done!)

The Explorer’s MyTouch screen not only gave us precise directions, but also puts our song selection front and centre.

Great guess, but no, it wasn’t us who bought the car.

What a beauty! And the ladies aren’t too bad either.

A huge thank you to the Ford dealers who hosted us along the way and Ford of Canada for use of the Explorer Sport. We can’t wait to hit the road again!

– Andria Campbell is an Assistant Account Specialist at Brookline Public Relations. She is passionate about the arts, and studied dance for much of her life. This fostered her creative side and eye for detail; qualities she applies to all her projects at Brookline.

My one year anniversary: Or, how I learned to love the nerves

Friday, August 9th, 2013

July 2013 marked the anniversary of many “firsts” for me.? One year ago, I walked into my first year at Brookline, my first job out of university and my first time working in the public relations industry.

I would love to say I strutted in with great bravado, rocking a power suit and killer confidence, but a nervous-Nelly would be a much more accurate description. Though I looked the part and had the education, I couldn’t help the butterflies party-rocking in my stomach.

Butterflies or not, the whirlwind of agency life began my first day and hasn’t stopped. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to contribute to a variety of campaigns and projects, including the launch of a new Air Canada flight, UFA’s Small Town Heroes Contest, the Calgary Home + Design and Home + Garden Shows, the 2013 Gas & Oil Expo, The CBCF Run for the Cure, and many more. I’ve seen my creative ideas turn into reality, and I’ve even named a company! I have evolved both professionally and personally, honing writing, editing, event management and interpersonal skills.

As for the butterflies? They still show up now and then.? But, one of the many lessons I’ve learned in the past year is that nerves are to be expected in any new situation encountered in the PR world, and that they aren’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, nerves are often a sign of being passionate for positive results and, with the right coping tools, can serve to propel performance to the next level.

I’ve learned that the advice we provide our clients in media training can be applied to new PR experiences, be it a presentation, pitch or unique event. Breathe, relax your shoulders and trust your expertise. No matter what you’re feeling on the inside, calm and controlled delivery conveys confidence to your audience, clients and colleagues. ?By practicing self-assurance and trusting our abilities, we see success, and with repetition that confidence becomes natural.

It also doesn’t hurt to be practicing alongside an empowering and supportive team. I feel very privileged to be part of an environment where there are no bad questions, doors are always open and successes are shared and celebrated.

Looking ahead, I can’t even begin to imagine the exciting projects I’ll get to dive into in the coming year. New experiences and challenges are a given, creative boundaries will be pushed, butterflies will party-rock and I have no doubt it will be another year to remember. Bring it on!

– Andria Campbell is an Assistant Account Specialist at Brookline Public Relations. She is passionate about the arts, and studied dance for much of her life. This fostered her creative side and eye for detail; qualities she applies to all her projects at Brookline.